What’s Up with IWN

Check back on this site often for updates on future events. 

September Meeting
Tuesday, September 28  •  12:00 Noon
We will be Zooming in once again for a virtual meeting this month.

We’re trying to keep everyone’s wishes and health safety in mind during this crazy, up-ended time called a COVID pandemic.  Sometimes we’re at our wit’s end – just like so many of you.
We’re maintaining, though.  IWN is still here.  Still viable.  Still involved in community. 

 Join us next week, won’t you?  As with most other organizations that meet virtually instead of in person, our numbers aren’t what we’re accustomed to.  And even when we meet in person during these days of health trepidation, our numbers are down.  But, again, IWN is maintaining.  We have a core of very determined members looking to come out strong as well as healthy on the other side of all of this mess.  Maintain with us, won’t you?
We’ll have a lively conversation amongst those of us who attend the virtual meeting next Tuesday, September 28.  It’s an opportunity for a little friendly commiseration between women trying to navigate a strange new model of existence.  So, if you’re feeling a little down or yearning for a little “escape” from the pressures and strangeness of the last 18+ months, email your reservations in so Carla will know to send you the log on info.  She will send it out on Monday or Tuesday morning, Sept.  27/28.

Share a favorite recipe – sweet – savory – doesn’t matter.  Just have your recipe ready to email to a fellow member or guest who’s looking to expand her recipe library.  I’m sure each of you has a specialty!

Email iwn@irvingwomensnetwork.com to receive the Zoom Link for Tuesday. Login opens at 11:30 and Meeting begins at12:00 Noon. Members and guests are welcome.

Call or text Jodi at 972-922-8187 with any questions.

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