About Us

 What, exactly, is Irving Women’s Network? 

With real estate, its “location, location, location.”
With IWN it’s “relationships, relationships, relationships!”

IWN is a healthy mix of thirty-something to eighty-something year old women who are like-minded, yet share diverse talents and experiences, all the while forging long-lasting friendships and business relationships.

IWN is a networking organization comprised of women in business, non-profits, civic and community volunteers—representing all facets of our community.

You will find what you’re looking for, whether it is business contacts, friendship, an outlet for volunteering, or simply a chance to be with other dynamic women.  There’s something for every woman at IWN.

In a positive environment, bursting with creativity and accomplishments, IWN offers friendship and support. IWN members will support and challenge you—to be the best YOU you can be.  You will find resources for leadership, networking, and encouragement—empowering women to succeed both personally and professionally.

We know we can’t be all things to all women, but we surely come close!

We are women who juggle careers, family, and volunteering, and we meet monthly (sometimes more) to share advice, professional networking, and companionship.  While we’re not your traditional networking type of organization, we do offer multiple opportunities for you to promote your business, cause, or favorite charity…. or that current project you’re working on!

Maybe you’ve heard it said, “Have at least one friend who’s two steps ahead of you and one who is two steps behind you.”  In other words, be a mentor to some and have mentors as well.  Don’t let that word scare you.  It’s a simple matter of sharing experience with someone who hasn’t gone through what you’ve experienced and having someone in your life from whom you can learn from her experience.

We take pride in the close-knit relationships built within our
organization – we are truly a network of support for one another!

In addition to monthly luncheons, we host other gatherings at various times in order to reach others throughout the community – like our Friday Lunch Club or our quarterly Coffee Breaks.  Why not join us at our next monthly luncheon to check out for  yourself!  Click here to make reservation.  You can also pay online, if you wish.

Referrals and business will happen organically once you’ve
become actively engaged with IWN and we get to know you.