More about September program – Speed Networking

September’s program is an interactive activity that will allow you to continue your relationship building with Irving Women’s Network.  This is a fast moving networking exercise structured to provide organized circulation among members and guests so that you leave the meeting with more than a business card and a name.

You will gain some valuable information about the businesses of some of the participants and, in doing so, they will learn some in depth information about you and your business.  Small business is based on relationships, so come prepared with a 1 minute intro about your business so you can take full advantage of this opportunity.   A minute is longer than it may seem, but practice until you have it down pat because that’s all the time you get to pique the interest of someone and possibly gain a new customer. 

Be sure to call in your reservation to 972-896-1062 or email in to by Friday, September 24, 10am.  We need your name and phone number for reservation, please.

About Irving Women's Network

Irving Women's Network (IWN) offers excellent networking opportunities for business women, community leaders, and volunteers in Irving and surrounding areas. Our purpose is to promote business interaction among women in the DFW area, to enlighten and encourage them in their business endeavors, and to educate them in the nuances of networking.
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