January Luncheon Program: Referrals Can Change Your Life!

Referrals Can Change Your Life!

Referrals Networking Program • Bring Extra Business Cards

The best qualified leads for your business come from referrals, not from the typical cold contact situation.

Referral marketing makes great sense because it can reduce your sales expense and the sales cycle. It’s been said that typical closing ratio for non-qualified leads is 10% whereas for referred leads, it’s closer to 60%!

So, what can referrals do for your business?  Just ask Sloan Johnston, Better Me Than You! – or Pam Hale, Out & About – or Jodi Reynolds, A Creative Solution/Ads & Images. They will share how referrals have impacted their businesses.  You’ll learn the secret ingredient to turn a referral into a customer.

Come to the January luncheon prepared to list the IWN members with which you do business.

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