Irving Women’s Network – “Luck O’ The Irish” Potluck was a great time!

by Jodi Reynolds, A Creative Solution, & IWN Board Member, Director: Programs, Newsletter & Website

Irving Women’s Network held its first potluck dinner, “Luck O’ the Irish” Potluck, late afternoon on St. Patrick’s Day—approximately 25 members and guests met in the community room of the Main Place in downtown historic Irving. We had a couple members attend who’ve been unable to be at a monthly luncheon for a very long time—and it was really nice to see them.  This is what’s great about having extra events like the Potluck Dinner or Coffee Connection – they allow networking and general camaraderie for those who can’t always make it to a monthly luncheon.  And for those of us who are able to be at all, or most, of the luncheons, it’s time for extended socializing with other members.  All in all, everyone had a great time and lots …. I mean LOTS…. of food was there.  Good food, too—IWN members are great cooks!  We had everything from beef stew to potato salad; sun-dried tomato stuffed chicken, mini Salisbury steaks just to mention a few ….and lots of desserts.  Don’t believe there were any duplicates either☺.

This one was a terrific effort by Charity Van Vleet, IWN’s Event Director, and her committee – most especially Pam Hale, Out & About, who actually set the event up – decorated, arranged, made sure we had all the essentials (you know, like utensils with which to eat, tables at which to sit, etc.☺), stayed late to clean it all up and put the Main Place community room back the way it was!  Attention to detail made Pam’s efforts glow – it’s no wonder she’s an excellent event planner!  And a special shout out to Mark Hale – Pam’s husband – for helping her bring in extra tables and set it all up!

So, the “moral” of this story is ….when you see another IWN event in the making, be sure to put it on your calendar and make an extra effort to be there – they are always a hit and you’ll have a great time!  Enjoy these photos from the event.

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