Spotlight on Homeless Teens Program

by Sharon Johnston, IWN Director of Partners In Education – Homeless Teens

I received a call at 5:20 yesterday afternoon from a high school junior who was standing in front of The Main Place with an IISD referral in her hand.   It wasn’t prom clothes she was after, she was out of basics. As is the case so often, Irving Women’s Network volunteers drop everything in order to minister to those in need. Jan Moore, in the midst of preparing dinner, turned off her stove and met me there within minutes.

With her mother in Central America, her father in the wind and a foster mother who abandoned her, this homeless teen is on her own. With no familial advocates, she is staying with acquaintances, attending school, earning A’s & B’s and going through the necessary hoops to get her citizenship.

Because of the many successful partnerships we have formed, she left The Main Place with properly fitting, age appropriate summer clothing. One less thing for her to worry about. One more blessing for us to count.

Thank you to all the volunteers who support The Main Place, to all the donors who make it possible for us to provide these needed services. This is just one of the many examples of how your help touches and helps others.

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