Dr. Elba Garcia – a great example!

How does IWN member, Dr Elba Garcia, keep up with everything in our community?  Not only does she have a thriving dental practice, she’s the elected Dallas County Commissioner – so her community is not just Irving – it’s the entire county.

She’s busy. Very busy. Yet, she shows up everywhere. She not only shows up, she brings stuff – and if she can’t attend in person, she has someone bring stuff on her behalf.

Example:  Elba couldn’t make it to the shower for The Main Place – but she didn’t just ignore the event or the need behind the shower – she had an assistant bring her very thoughtful donation – toothbrushes & toothpaste for IWN to give to the homeless teens/hand soap and sanitizing soap with refills for The Main Place.

Example: June 1 was IWN Teacher Appreciation Lunch at Stipes Elementary School. Elba was unable to stay to help serve but she participated nonetheless—bringing a big box of churros for dessert.

When you think you are too busy to participate in community activities in which you have a passion, remember Elba and how she makes time for so many events and so many people.

Thanks Elba – you show us how much more blessed it is to give than to receive.

Sharon Johnston, IWN Director Homeless Teens & PIE – Project PASS


About Irving Women's Network

Irving Women's Network (IWN) offers excellent networking opportunities for business women, community leaders, and volunteers in Irving and surrounding areas. Our purpose is to promote business interaction among women in the DFW area, to enlighten and encourage them in their business endeavors, and to educate them in the nuances of networking.
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