The Value of Networking

Last Thursday, along with Margie Stipes, Sandy Franco, Deya Molina and Jan Killen, I helped serve lunch for the IWN Teacher Appreciation Luncheon at Stipes Elementary.  Sloan Johnston, Elba Garcia and a few unidentified others had dropped off food earlier. As a Partner in Education with Stipes, IWN prepares and serves lunch at the end of the school year to honor the teachers. The teachers, however, humble us with their gratitude for the home cooked meal.

Afterwards, I met Maryellen Holbrook at The Main Place. She is on the CIC of the Jack Singley Academy and during their meeting the principal told her of some kids who did not have appropriate clothing for graduation. So, after emailing and texting and calling, she got the guys clothing needs and their sizes. They couldn’t come themselves, as they were having graduation practice and didn’t have transportation anyway. We quickly put together a classy suit, dress shirt, belt and snazzzy tie for each and she delivered them to the lead counselor’s office. We threw in some new underwear and socks as well.

If you wonder about the value of networking – just reread the above and let it sink in. I thank my God, for every rememberance of you. I am so blessed.

Sharon Johnston

About Irving Women's Network

Irving Women's Network (IWN) offers excellent networking opportunities for business women, community leaders, and volunteers in Irving and surrounding areas. Our purpose is to promote business interaction among women in the DFW area, to enlighten and encourage them in their business endeavors, and to educate them in the nuances of networking.
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