July Coffee Connection Recap

Why do women enjoy the camaraderie afforded at the intimate IWN Coffee Connections?

Because it’s a great time to take a break, relax, visit and begin to get to know each other. That hour or so, on the second Friday of each month, speeds up the relationship building which is so necessary to women in their business, social and private lives.

Do you know…..

Which IWN member broke records in running during her stint as a Marine?

Who just found out she is pregnant with her first child?

What mother of seven is working on her Masters?

Where all did one member sail to on her recent two week cruise?

Come join us and discover the interesting lives of the women you meet at our monthly luncheons.

August Coffee Connection  •  Second Friday, August 12  •  3pm –4pm

La Madeleine  – MacArthur Blvd @ Royal Lane in Irving

About Irving Women's Network

Irving Women's Network (IWN) offers excellent networking opportunities for business women, community leaders, and volunteers in Irving and surrounding areas. Our purpose is to promote business interaction among women in the DFW area, to enlighten and encourage them in their business endeavors, and to educate them in the nuances of networking.
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