The Main Place


Mission Statement

The Main Place provides new clothing and personal items for homeless teens and individuals/families that are in need.

 About The Main Place

The Main Place – “a retail store without a cash register” – started as a grass roots organization in 2006, opened its doors in December 2009, and became a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charity in January 2012 operated by volunteers.

Over the years as we have learned more about homelessness within our community, our mission evolved from focusing on homeless teens in school and expanded to include their babies, siblings and parents. Additionally, we serve victims of domestic/sexual abuse, fire, flood and other tragedies which make them at risk for homelessness.

The services provided by The Main Place to those in need benefit the community in crucial ways:

  •  We take away the financial burden of clothing.
  • Trendy, well fitting, age appropriate clothing enables them to fit in.
  • We engage with the clients/referrals – we wait on them as if they are royalty.
  • We teach modesty, point out and compliment their best features and present styles for their body types which enhance their appearance.
  • Our clients leave with bags full of clothes, shoes, accessories, etc, their heads held high and big smiles on their faces.
  • The Main Place is not only filling a need for clothing, we are showing God’s love, raising self esteem, giving hope and attempting to break the cycle of despair.

We ensure that all clients have the ultimate shopping experience complete with their own “image consultant” who personalizes their outfits and often entire wardrobes.

All of our clients come to us with referrals and appointments only. We do not qualify them; we leave that to school counselors and case workers. Among those are IISD, Winfree Academy and other charter schools, Family Promise, La Buena Vida Leadership Foundation, Irving Cares, Brighter Tomorrows, Texas Hope Literacy, etc.

Our network for referrals has grown and so has the need, therefore, more referrals means an increased need for volunteers and funding. Our volunteers are the backbone of our mission. Corporations, churches and schools bring large groups once a week, month or quarter; individuals volunteer as their schedule allows.

If you want to help make a difference, please contact
Sharon Johnston –  214-202-0225